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Weird NJ #57 (Fall/Winter 2021)

That’s right, Weird NJ issue #57 is here and you can have it delivered right to your door, hot off the presses! Our previous issue, #56, was so popular that it SOLD OUT in just a few months and is now only available as a COLLECTIBLE. We never can tell which issues might sell out, so don't take any chances on missing out on one, because once they're gone they are gone for good.

Weird NJ Magazine: Your Travel Guide to New Jersey's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets. It's all that's weird about New Jersey that you won't find in any other publication or anywhere else on the Internet!

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In Issue #57:

Pine Brook Memories

Clinton Road Orbs

About Those Bobs…

Thinking About Malcolm Wells

Not Big Red Eyes, But Yellow

Whippany Train Comments

Fort Monmouth Memories

People From PA Don’t Know Anything About The Jersey Devil

Experiences At Georgina Court

That Crazy Union County

Dismal Swamp It Is

Think We Saw A Chupacabra

A Devil’s Tower Buddy Comedy?

Devil’s Punch Bowl Not That Deep

Larry Storch’s Sendoff At Wild West City

Fire On The Mountain (Creek)

Bada Bigfoot Sightings

Torso Killer Confesses

E.T Homing Phone In Tabernacle

COVID Helps Calico

Flemington’s Union Hotel Gets Renovated

Cold Runnings In Mercer County

Cedar Grove/ Little Falls Walking Twins No More

Route 23 Telephone Artist Dies

Mr. UFO Has Left The Planet

Strathmere Shark

Island Beach State Park’s Whale O A Find

War Of The Brood X World

Lumbering Toward Exorcism In PA

A Bone To Pick In Queens

Ulster County Big Red Eye Sighting

Gingerbread Castle: The Road Back From Ruin

Jeannette DePalma Case Files Released To WNJ After 18 Years

Mudlarking The Whippany River

More Weird Woods

Walking The Newark Branch With Wheeler Antabanez

The Woman In The Woods:

Allaire Dinosaur Creator Robin Ruggerio

Do Svidaniya Rova Farms

Lost Picture Show: Final Days

Of Amboy Cinema

Screamweaver: The Tim Jacobus Interview

Matawan Man-eater Mural Artist Reveals Himself

Ghost Fleet: The Sailboat Cemetery Of Weehawken

Clowning Around At Obnoxious Antiques

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

Jersey Skin

Visit The Kay Cottage Ruins

Street Signs That Seem Too Good To Be True

Hibernia Hikes

The Mystery Surfboard

Mysteries At Sandy Hook

Watchung Reservation Explorations

Bridge Over Humbled Waters

Smell The Glove In Hackettstown

West Creek Wilderness

The Camels Of Cranbury

Waterloo Deer Heads

Found On The Beach

A (Snowman) For All Seasons

Tunnels Under Teaneck’s Armory?

What’s With This Stone Room/ Bunker in Wantage?

The Glen Ridge Mystery Stone

It’s A Weird, Weird Weird NJ World

Bigfoot In The Pine Barrens

Strange Nightly Rooftop Visitors

And Another Adventure Along Clinton Road

Insectoid Encounter in Medford, 1962

Bell Shaped UFO Over Monroe

The Frog People Of The Meadowlands

The Huge “Sniffing Something” In The Vernon Woods

Something In The Sky In Pennington

…and more



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