Weird NJ

Weird NJ #60 (Spring/Summer 2023)

In issue #60:

 Giants Still Exist

“I am the beast, Yet I am not.”

Small Men Stealing Fruit?

The Phantom Of Exit 82 Still Being Witnessed Along The GSP.

Seeing Saucers

The Addams Family In Color

The GSP Ghost Girl In Cape May

The Purple People Of Jersey City

Kuklinski’s Brother In Jersey City

The "Tomb Of The 12 Nuns" Still Stands

UFOs Over Bloomfield

Unpachyderming Lucy The Elephant

A Transit Bus Ride Through The Garden State

Bayonne Bleeder Statue Unveiled

Penns Grove Man Competes In National Mullet Contest

Dinosaurs Of Allaire State Park Destroyed By Vandals

Competitive Pork Roll Eating In Trenton

Central Jersey Does Exist

Oops! The Wrong Body In The Casket

Creek Runs Red In Cherry Hill

Sinatra House For Sale

Red Bank Surrenders Hessian Soldier Remains

Pulaski Skyway NOT Hoffa’s Resting Place

USS Ling Makes Most Endangered List

A Dead Relationship In Trenton

“Boy In The Box” Identified

A Booming Mystery History In New Jersey

Death And The Devil’s Tea Table In Kingswood

What’s Yer Weird Sign?

The Blob Returns In Liberty State Park

Boots Along The Passaic

Strange Messages In Bottles In A Cemetery

The Green Lights Of Spirits

The Lost Back Yard Cemetery

The Mystery Of The Headstone In The Clifton Dump

Investigating The Lost Graves Of Sandy Hook

The Legend Of Crill’s Cabin And The Pochuck Pettifogger

A History Of The Thomas P. Conhelly Diving Suits

After 156 Years, An Irish Immigrant Is Finally Found Not Guilty Of Murder

The True Story Of The Lewis Family And “The Cave Grave”

Wandering The Wildcat Ridge In The Footprints Of The Past

Railroad Dining Car In Townsbury Is The Last Train Home

Back Yard Train Lights

Fleming Pike Bridge Takes On All Comers

Zombie Playland: The Recently Deceased Blackbeard’s Cave

Welcome To The Dolls’ House

Something Strange Always Floats Ashore At Sandy Hook

Some “Thing” Was At My Door

Sussex County Bigfoot Encounter, 1970s

The Spook Rabbits Of Harmony Township

Devil In The Fire

Werewolves Alive And Well In Jersey City

The Mysterious 13 Silos of Ocean County

Wayne’s World: The Outsider Artworks Of Wayne Card

A Funky Ride Around Plainfield

Weird Tales From Pedericktown

Hearing The BIG BANG In Holmdel

Train Wreck At Duck’s Nest Pond In Parlin

Roadside Weirdside

Mantua Has A Rubber Duck Problem

The Last Concrete Booth In Robbinsville

The Bridges Of Mercer County

Cape May’s “Faery Tree Cave”

The Bridges Of Mercer County

The Legend Of The Lost Elephant

Fringe: Homage To Homowack – One Borscht Belt Badass

…and more!

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