Weird NJ

Weird NJ #59 (Fall/Winter 2022)

That’s right, Weird NJ issue #59 is here and you can have it delivered right to your door! 


What you'll find inside...

Let’s Go To A Lycanthrope Party

Amboy Theater Memories

Biegenwald Stirs Up Haunted Feelings

They’re NOT UFOs

Drawing Up The Devil

Rigor Mortis And Bigfoot Sightings

A ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ On Staten Island

Pine Brook Memories

Jeanette DePalma’s Purse
Sartorial Stealing In Princeton

Blackbeard’s Cave Closed For Good

Belleville’s Muppet Meetings?

Wildwood Windfall

Things Are Exploding In New Jersey

Hamilton Trolley Car On Road To Restoration

The Hawthorne Zombie Boat House

Vineland Castle Up For Sale

Mallrat Radiation Rave?

Cape May Ghost Tracks Again

A Bloody Mystery In North Arlington

Milking The Brook In Passaic

South jersey Booms

Exploding Whales – A New jersey and Oregon Kinship

Good-bye To Larry Storch And The Gingerbread Caste Keeper Bob Allen

A Doe No More: Princess Doe Identified After 40 Years

Murray’s On A Roll: A Giant Ball Of Aluminum Rolls Into Sussex

Watershed Moments: An Exploration Into An Abandoned Reserve

Echoes Of Squirrel Town In Freehold

Little Billy’s Grave In Waretown

The “Corpse Preserver” of 1866

Grandpa’s Last words: “The Bus Is Full”

Odd Slanted Beam Of Light At Laurel Grove

Burlington County Orbs

The Guitar Grave Marker in Hammonton

Alfred Vail Gets The Shaft In Morristown

Ghost On The Road In Somerset County

The Most Haunted House In New Jersey

The Ghost OF Jenkinson’s Pier

The Bishop’s Spook Light In Burlington

Gallows Hill Plaque In Westfield

Remembering The Underwater Car Cemetery Of Edgewater

Finding A Tombstone In Grandma’s Back Yard In Jamesburg

Visiting The Cave Grave In Newton

A Story About The Green Light Cemetery In Middletown

Review: Takers Mad, An Audible Drama By Luke Jerod Kummer

Transparent Thing Roams Through Jersey City

The Rockport-Hackettstown Death Train Of 1925

Rockport Train Wreck Paranormal Investigation

Where The Buffalo Roam In Jersey City

A Talk With Troma Artist Tricia Zimic

Charles Addams, The Nightmare King Of Elm Street

Darkness, Tragedy And Oblivion At The Abandoned Mountaintop Orphanage

Walking The Old Boonton Line

Welcome To The Spook Haus – A Home of Morbid Curiosity

The Big Blue Head Of Medford Lakes

The Mold Mansion Of Monmouth Beach
Alice Guy Blache, NJ’s Filmmaking Pioneer

Legends Of The Marshes In The Meadowlands

The Legends Of Indian Grave Brook

Gunshots On Old Water Works Road In Old Bridge

A Sea Serpent In Spring Lake

Weird Eatins: Could You Please Pass The Rat

A Weird NJ State Of Mind

A Dead Whale’s Tale
Indian’s And Giants Of Tuckerton: A “Race Of Giant Men,” A Historical Mystery

…and MORE!

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